On Saturday, September 15th, Professor Kim Sawchuk will discuss the findings of the MML’s Biotourism project at a special round-table meeting at Montreal’s OBORO artist centre (located at 4001, rue Berri, local 301).

Also participating at the round-table – and presenting her work at a special vernissage later that afternoon – is  Christine Lammer: an artist whose creations will be featured as part of Auto/Pathographies: Re-Constructing Identity through Representations of Illness.  This collection explores the transformative effects of sickness and disease on human subjects, who themselves have expressed these experiences through various mediated autobiographical accounts.

As exhibit-curator Tamar Tembeck writes: “Viewers are typically torn between embracing or refusing empathy towards the image and towards the subject depicted. In this way, autopathographic works raise significant ethical questions that pertain to viewers’ responses and responsibilities in the face of images of suffering” (2008).

Please contact OBORO for more information.



Tembeck, Tamar. Exposed Wounds: The Photographic Autopathographies of Hannah Wilke and Jo Spence. RACAR XXXII, No. 1-2 (2008).