Place can be understood as a type of situated affect or feeling, a mode of active, sensory engagement, a way of being in touch with space. By making sense of place we shape how we dwell in space,how we understand and appreciate its sounds, sights, textures, flavors, and scents. By making sense of place we orient ourselves to speed and rhythm, as well as to movement, rest, and encounter. Thus place is the sum total of the sensations that space gives rise to, the cumulative incorporation of those feelings carved into soils, skies, and shores, and the embodiment of its affective intensities on its dwellers.

We invite contributions to this session that help us make sense of how we apprehend and shape places through all of our senses, in different worldly spaces and in either the present or past. Ethnographic and multimodal investigations are particularly welcomed.

Phillip Vannini
Professor and Canada Research Chair
School of Communication & Culture
Royal Roads University

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ISA Conference, Yokohama, Japan, July 13-19 2014

Session organizer: Phillip Vannini
Submission deadline: September 15, 2013
Submission: presentation title, 150 word abstract
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