Danielle Peers and Lindsay Eales are both doctoral students in the Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation at the University of Alberta. Danielle is a former Paralympic medalist, a filmmaker, an activist, and a Trudeau and Vanier Scholar who studies disability, sport and social justice movements. Lindsay choreographs, performs and researches integrated dance with people of all abilities, in order to work towards more inclusive and socially just communities.

Title: Crippin’ the Crutch: Body-Tools in Motion

Abstract: A Paralympian filmmaker on wheels and a bi-polar biped choreographer entwine in dance and thought. Both are moved, in ways that far exceed their physical displacement. In this presentation, we weave our own experiences of living, playing, moving and thinking with, in and through various technologies of (dis)ability and (im)mobility. We use disability theory, spoken word, dance and film to engage with shifting relationships between our tools and our bodies. We explore how such relationships create both barriers to, and possibilities for, physical, social and political mobilization. Finally, we move through local, specific, strategic, accidental and creative ways that we might mobilize our tools, communities, ideas and subjectivities otherwise.