MIT (Comparative Media Studies) and Concordia University (Mobile Media Lab/ ACM)
USA and Canada
 Dr. Giuliana Cucinelli is a researcher and media creator whose research interests are focused on digital and social media, with an emphasis on education and training, teacher education, community/cultural media activism, emergent media practices, action research, and youth culture.

Her creative work involves web-based interactive documentaries, location-based/locative documentaries, websites, sound/audio soundscapes, graphic design, transmedia/cross-media, and social media. Through interdisciplinary approaches her research merges theory and practice.

Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT (Cambridge, MA). She is also a research associate for the Mobile Media Lab in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University (Montréal, Quebéc)

She was a Research Associate for the The School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, working with Dr. Stuart Poynz and Dr. Michael Hoechsamnn (Faculty of Education, Lakehead University).

AddressKnown: mapping community voices, memory, space, place, and people

This presentation will introduce AddressKnown.ca, a research creation project dedicated to collecting personal memories based on common locations within Montreal’s Park Extension neighborhood. The interactive website (which we are calling a location based web documentary) includes portraits on Park Extension citizens who are actively involved with the community at various levels. Each portrait brings forward specific personal memories based on locations within the neighbourhood seen through a historical and cultural lens. Location based storytelling techniques are used to showcase the connection between space, time and memory, and the function of mapping is less to mirror reality than to engender the re-shaping of the world’s community in which people live. Each portrait sheds light on a different aspect of the community, from varying perspectives (age, gender, ethnic background, socio-economic background, religious beliefs, level of participation within the community, etc.). The title reflects a common thread between the subjects who will be interviewed: in conversation what is conveyed is a sense of belonging and profound connection to the neighborhood because of their home and/or work address and location that is never forgotten. Park Extension is a neighbourhood that transcends typical notions of age and ‘growing old’; in a sense the physical space itself and its citizens are linked together by solidarity and an undying willingness to keep the community and members dynamic and continuously in conversation and active. This project works against traditional assumptions about old people living in old neighbourhoods in that it showcases the active involvement of seniors, youth, and adults in an effort to better understanding how intergenerational conversations and efforts keep a community strong and “on the map.”

AddressKnown brings together locations, people and stories to emphasize the importance of active citizens in a community. The purpose of this interactive website is twofold. First, it provides curated portraits on individuals involved with the Park Extension community. Second, it invites participants to view the portraits, and contribute their own memories (audio, video, and/or photographs) via a social media applications (Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and/or the website itself (via an interactive map). The website invites people to contribute their own memories that have been sparked by the various themes, topics, and locations discussed in the portraits. As the project develops, a workshop and interactive walking tour of Park Extension will be held for local citizens interested in contributing to the website. Prior to the interactive walking tour, participants will be asked to browse the website and portraits in order to inform and enhance their walking tour experience.