Contemporary Brazilian History Research and Documentation Center (CPDOC)

João A. de Freitas graduated in Tourism at the Fluminense Federal University and is pursuing a Master Degree in History, Political and Cultural History in Contemporary Brazilian Research and Documentation Center (CPDOC / FGV). The main theme of his dissertation will be on the influence of customized trips in social life of their consumers. He is interested in research topics surrounding tourism, consumption and mobilities.

360 and perspectives of a small world

The notable technological progress on transport and communication in the last decades contributed significantly to increasing the flow of people, objects and information across the world. This fluid scenario, deeply explored by Zygmunt Bauman, gives the impression that the various distances that separate individuals are becoming less relevant and, more than ever, we have the sensation that everybody is connected. The mobilities paradigm, postulated by John Urry and others, provides a privileged perspective for understanding this new scenario. This article aims to develop a brief analysis of a loose adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s play, La Ronde: the movie 360, directed by Brazilian film-maker Fernando Meirelles that deals with the dilemmas of the fragmented, and connected contemporary life. I aim is to explore, from a sociological point of view, some perspectives about the Small-World Problem, and, mainly, to question once more if we are indeed all connected.