Liz Miller is a documentary maker, trans-media artist, and professor interested in new approaches to community collaborations and documentary as a way to connect personal stories to larger social concerns.  She provides training to human rights, labor, and women’s organizations in media production, digital storytelling, and media advocacy campaigns. Years of documentary media experience and a background in political economics, electronic media art, and Latin American studies fuel her ongoing explorations of new media as art, advocacy, and as a powerful educational tool. Liz teaches media production in Communications Studies at Concordia University in Montreal and she has been on the board of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television for six years. Her films/educational campaigns on timely issues such as water privatization and immigration have won awards and been integrated into educational curricula and influenced decision makers. Having lived in Central and South America for over six years, she continues to work in in the region and her newest project, En La Casa, is a collaboration with the feminist organization in Nicaragua, Puntos de Encuentro.

Publications & Projects

    Celebrated in the past as the land of volcanoes, poetry, and Sandinista revolutionaries, Nicaragua is recognized today as an attractive prospect for international businesses seeking cheap labour, and as a new hot spot for foreign tourists seeking illicit sex. En la casa, la cama y la calle gets behind the scenes to explore how a Nicaraguan feminist group, Puntos de Encuentro, is challenging these corrosive economic trends through powerful television storylines and grassroots organizing. Driven by a desire to see women both in front of, and behind the camera, Puntos has produced and aired 18 episodes of Contra Corriente, a successful contemporary family dramato tackle labor rights in the free trade zone, economic power relations in the family, and the sexual exploitation of adolescents. Initially broadcast in 2012, Contra Corriente comprises a series of powerful, interrelated stories devised to connect individuals to organizations working on the ground to bring positive change to Nicaraguan society. En la casa, builds on this momentum, following the creators of this unique program during two years of planning, production, and outreach.
  • Mapping Memories is a collaborative media project, which uses personal stories and a range of media tools (video, sound walks, mapping, photography) to better understand the experiences of youth with refugee experience in Montreal. Our objective has been to produce creative work that will have an impact on policy, education, art and on the lives of the youth involved. We have created twenty films to date and a book geared for teachers interested in participatory methods, digital storytelling and mobilities.
Research Interests

Community, Environment, Migration, Women, Refugee, Gender Identity, Oral History, Urbanization, Public Advocacy, Youth Media, Refugee, Participatory Media

Research Partners

Life Stories of Montreal

Previous Research Assistant

Gracia Jalea

Youth Participants:

Stephanie Gasana
Ayanda Dube
Leontine Uwababyeyi

Community Partners

Canadian Council for Refugees
Cote-des-Neige Youth Center
Project Refuge of The Montreal Mission
SOY, Express – Newcomer and Immigrant Queer Youth Project