Magdalena Olszanowski is currently pursuing a SSHRC-funded research-creation PhD in Communication Studies at Concordia University. She obtained her BA in Women’s Studies and Sociology of Technology from the University of Toronto and an MA in Communication and Culture from York University. She has studied at the University of Amsterdam, and a certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto school of Continuing Education also hangs on her mom’s wall.

Magdalena’s research and artistic practice focuses on the potential(s) of mobilities research, process philosophy and feminist vital materialism to re-frame how we develop, conceptualizetheorize, and interact with self-imaging and emerging technologies. She is also focused on the aestheticization of memory, trauma and wounded skin. Her dissertation is a study of feminist self-imaging practices online 1996-2000.
By the by, she identifies as an arts-based researcher with lax hygiene and no social graces.

Research interests:

feminism, selfies, Instagram, mobile media, body art, raves, vital materialism, process philosophy, mobility, food as a discursive practice, performing trauma, expanded cinema