Join us for the opening night of Manifest Cloudberry Dreams, an interactive installation by Natalie Doonan, created with Erik De Leon and Emmanuel Durand.

This non-linear trilingual storytelling project uses voice recognition and projection mapping to explore the rich theme of migration as a life experience.


Vernissage – Thursday October 15th 2015: 17:00-21:00
Show runs from October 15th – 28th 2015
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10:00-18:00

36 Queen Street, Montreal QC

This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Manifest Cloudberry Dreams will immerse you in stories about the culinary practices associated with cloudberries.
These wildberries have been an important staple along Québec’s Lower North Shore for several centuries. From the fifteenth century, cloudberries and cod sustained waves of Basque, French, and British settlers. Montreal where is . Prior to colonization, cloudberries had been sustaining First Nations populations for millennia.

Manifest Cloudberry Dreams is part of Performigrations: People Are the Territory, an international exhibition on migration, mobilities and performative identities. Performigrations is funded through the European Union’s Culture Programme and consists of six European co-organizers representing Italy, Greece, Portugal and Austria; partners in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver; and five associate partners from the United Kingdom and Malta. Montreal map .




Natalie Doonan is a multimedia and performance artist, writer, and educator. She is founder of the SensoriuM, a collaborative performance art project that features artist-led tours and tastings. Manifest Cloudberry Dreams has been developed within the scope of Natalie’s research toward a PhD Humanities degree at Concordia University.

Manifest Cloudberry Dreams has been made possible with support from the Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies.