Getulio Vargas Foundation

Maria Alice de F. Nogueira is a Ph.D. student at CPDOC, Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a master’s degree in Social Communication at PUC-Rio and is a lecturer on Communications and Marketing at Universidade Estácio de Sá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mobility and consumption: an analysis of the representations of mobility culture in the global brands’ advertising discourse in Brazil

Since 1992, with the opening of the market to foreign products and the elimination of market reserve in some business segments, particularly technology, Brazil became part of the global consumption market. The expansion of the Brazilian market not only provided the consumer public with new possibilities for the consumption of goods, but it also created a new type of advertising discourse impacted by the increase of practices of mobility in a globalized society and in a network of intensifying flows of people, goods, images and information.

As part of a Ph.D. research on consumption and the advertising discourse as activities inherent to a supply system of potential for movement, the Brazilian marketing context offers a starting point for a comparative analysis between the culture of mobility and the practices of consumption in the country. The analysis is based on the interpretation of the advertising discourse of global brands in both printed and digital advertisements circulated in two different moments: June 1982 and June 2010.

The research aims to investigate: 1) how over the three decades that separate the two periods of analysis, mobility has become sine qua non condition for the subject’s fruition within his life, his reference groups and objects of consumption; 2) how consumption practices were motivated by the possibility of achieving potential for movement to deal with the everyday life experiences; and finally, 3) how advertising practices translate the potential for movement in its ads as a powerful discursive argument, through which contemporary culture and society are represented.