Aalborg University


Maria Quvang Harck Vestergaard holds a M.Sc. in Urban Planning and Management from Aalborg University and is currently a Ph.D. student at Centre for Mobilities and Urban Studies and Department of Planning at Aalborg University. Her main research interests are mobilities in rural outskirt areas with both a focus on everyday mobilities and tourism mobilities and her research concentrate on which potentials and challenges mobilities holds for these areas and how this can be used in the development of them.

Differential Mobilities in Rural Outskirts

This paper investigates the differential mobilities in rural outskirt areas in Denmark with National Park Thy as a case. The problem investigated in this paper is the fact that rural outskirt areas in Denmark are being more and more decoupled from economic growth and distanced from the power relations within network societies. Furthermore people are moving away from these areas which lead to longer distances between people and institutions and less foundation to maintain the infrastructures and public transport services. The paper argues that in these areas, mobilities both play a differentiating role but also holds potentials. With point of departure in the new mobilities paradigm, this paper focuses especially on ‘mobile lives’ and ‘mobility cultures’ in rural outskirts. Based on field studies in Nationalpark Thy and mobile ethnography of the everyday mobility among the residents, the paper derives different mobile lives and cultures and examine the differential mobilities among these. This paper contributes to the incipient studies of mobilities in peripheral or rural outskirt areas and support research and practice in order to mind the gap in our knowledge of non-metropolitan practices.