Nicole Robicheau has a MA in Media Studies at Concordia University. She completed her Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto and currently works as a radio reporter for the CBC. Her current research involves gathering stories of retired border guards along the Canada/U.S. border and weaving them together into a non-linear database film. She’s interested in how the heightened sense of security along the border since 9/11 is changing small-town border life. Her other interests include the preservation of languages and culture and she is working on a project about her grandmother and Acadian words. She’s looking at how to preserve the meanings of words that are being lost in the Acadian dialect spoken in the community she grew up in Nova Scotia. She’s also worked in both Zambia and Sierra Leone training journalists on reporting more effectively on human rights issues.
Research interests:

journalism, radio, nonlinear storytelling, language preservation, human rights