Quebec academics publish a follow-up issue to widely-read open online academic journal addressing the student strike action, public protests, and Bill 78

“Out of the Mouths of ‘Casseroles’: textes qui bougent au rythme du carré rouge” in Open-wi: Journal of Mobile Media was released on June 4th and has received over 15,000 visits. Part 2  of this special issue launches today –

Montreal, Quebec: Propelled by an effective social media presence and grassroots, word-of-mouth sharing, the online Open-wi: Journal of Mobile Media has provided a critical arena of discourse for Quebec academics involved in the student movement to reflect, critique, and create within.  The second edition is marked by a notable diversity of media, featuring photography, video, graphic arts, poetry, interviews and essays.

The contributions of Quebec university faculty to the student movement have been largely overlooked.  The success of the journal describes a significant public interest in their opinions on the issues at hand.

Editors Owen Chapman, Alison Loader, Magda Olszanowski, Kim Sawchuk and Ben Spencer sent out a call to 50+ colleagues on Sunday May 27th. Following the release of the first issue, article proposals and submissions began pouring in. The editors feel that it is important to draw attention to the active participation of university faculty members in this critical debate. The issue resides at

Contact Ben Spencer for information and interview requests: