Owen Chapman, MML co-director, will be presenting at the first edition of MUTEK_IMG, a three day event from the organizers of MUTEK.

A first-time Montreal networking event that brings together artists and professionals from the vast field of visual digital creation, the three-day event combines a free daytime program of presentations, workshops and panels with an artistic evening program, featuring an impressive roster of both local and international artists.

Day one, Thursday, November 21, will be dedicated to current practices in the art of VJing, featuring discussions and showcases by local artists that will demonstrate the rich diversity of current styles and techniques; mutations in audio-visual creation, and the notion of redefining the interaction of audio and video language will magnify these themes; and new experiences resulting from digital and new media enhanced scenography, looking at the advent of immersive environments and the possibilities for collective experiential design, will close.

On the second day, Friday, November 22, we will turn our attention to projection mapping and digital creativity in urban spaces.  Among other creative industry participants, we will present members of Moment Factory and Autodesk, who will discuss techniques that are being developed on their current projects.  Also on this day, we will host a discussion on issues relating to Montreal as a new media playground and city-wide laboratory, specifically addressing the notions of public space and openly available urban data.

Saturday, November 23rd, will focus broadly on interactivity, touching on staged spectacle, screen culture, and new narrative possibilities through technology.  Our goal is to provide a framework for dialogue and an exchange of ideas between the people working in these spheres of activity. Topics of discussion will include the rapport between technology and formats as well as their impact and multiple applications in the field of digital creation.

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