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File Sharing and Interactive Mobile Music Making

Bluetooth Beats was a mobile media project involving audio compositions that were specially prepared for interactive improvised concerts via audience members’ cell phones. Small MP3 files were provided through a portable Bluetooth server.

The “concert” starts as participants begin to playback these sounds on their mobile devices, controlling volume, moving through space and interacting with each other. Using Bluetooth as a means to creative interactive mobile music highlights a series of different issues, including the challenges involved in treating proprietary hardware as a mechanism for artistic creativity.

“Bluetooth Beats” was commissioned by Concordia Vice Provost Ollivier Dyens for the President’s Conference Series event at Concordia entitled Every Breath You Take: Surveillance, Security and the End of Privacy (Nov 4th, 2009).

Project Director

Owen Chapman

Previous Research Assistants

Sam Thulin, Ph.D in Communication Studies, Concordia University (ongoing)