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Collecting Dust is the personal homepage of Owen Chapman.

The Collecting Dust Archive is a subdomain of that site featuring the results of an ongoing initiative to digitize rare vinyl recordings along with one-of-a-kind cassette and reel-to-reel tapes of interviews and concert recordings.

These media have all been collected as part of Chapman’s “Radio Activités: une généalogie du Theremin, les Ondes Martenot et l’Orgue Hammond” project, funded through an FQRSC Nouveau Chercheur-Créateur grant and Concordia University. The archive will also soon feature digitized images, include rare photographs, music scores and schematic diagrams related to the three early electronic instruments linked to the project, along with their cousins and relatives.


Ondes Martenot, Theremin, Hammond Organ, Novachord, Ondioline, Solovox, Hammond Chord Organ, Clavioline, Trautonium, Laurens Hammond, Lev Theremin, Maurice Martenot

Research-creation, audio-blog, digitization, vintage recordings, audio sampling, schematics

Principal Investigator

Owen Chapman, Communication Studies, Concordia University

Research Assistants

Ben Spencer, M.A. Media Studies, Concordia University

Previous Research Assistants

Sam Thulin, Ph.D in Communication Studies (ongoing)
Cynthia Wong, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, graduated 2013
Andrew Simpson, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, graduated 2013



img: David Scharf