• 960_biotourism

This project explores our fantastical relationship to inner body space as it unfolds in mass media culture of the post-war period to the present.

Coffee table books, magazines, films, and television shows depict the movement of the eye through the body, but also promise spectators that they can enter into its stubborn recesses. As such, that which was formerly hidden from vision is now presented as a form of imagined travel through ‘inner space’ typically envisioned in terms of that echo Edmund Burke’s definition of the sublime as an affective instance of agreeable horror.


Biotourism: medical imaging in popular culture (2000-2003)
The Biomatrix: medicine and new media art (2004-2007)
Illustrating Medicine: JCB Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy (2008-2011)

Al of these research projects were supported by SSHRC, Individual Standard Research Grants during the years listed.