Fitchburg State University
United States of America

Samuel Tobin is an assistant professor of Communications Media and Game Design at Fitchburg State University. He holds a doctorate in Sociology from the New School for Social Research. He studies play, everyday life, media history and methodology. His most recent publication is “Time and Space in Play Saving and Pausing With the Nintendo DS” in Games and Culture 7.2.

Bring Your Game to Work

This paper attempts to unpack the practices and mobile strategies of those who try (and largely succeed) to play games while they are at work. In order to do so, I argue that we need to open up what play-practices count as mobile and indeed as play. We need to account for the ways in which people bring games and play with them when they commute and enter the work place. In order to do this O addresse a mass of player testimony and advice for how to play the game Minecraft at work. In this discourse we see how workers deal with issues of surveillance, access, control, leisure, guilt and pleasure. Workers not only tell us how they manage to play but how they re-work concepts of play, work and mobility in doing so. I interpret this data through a framework drawn from Ito, Okabe and Anderson, Goffman and de Certeau.